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Gossip with TV celebs!
Gossip with TV celebs!
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Saturday, April 7

Hilary & Haylie Duff at Entourage Premiere

I LOVE ENTOURAGE!!! I can't wait for tomorrow night!!!!

Hilary & Haylie Duff must be fans too... they looked pretty hot at the premiere the other night. I kind of like Hilary's dark look!

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    Sad Little CoCo Cox!

    What a cute little pouty face she's making!!!

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      Christina Orangilera


      I think it's so cute how she has no shame about going out on the street in NYC in her bathrobe!

      From Daily Stab


        Playboy's Anna Nicole Smith Tribute

        The May 2007 issue of Playboy is a tribute to Anna Nicole Smith. How sweet.


          Ashlee's Dog Hula Died

          From Celebrity Dog Watcher... Ashlee Simpson's little dog Hula died in December... she's been upset ever since. The little dog died from a "mystery illness"... Ashlee says she wants a new dog but she isn't ready yet. Instead, she's been spending lots of time with Jessica's dog Daisy... which is probably a good thing considering all Jess does is hang out with John Mayer!


            Jen & Violet Super Cute at the Park!

            Popsugar has super adorable pictures of Jen & Violet at the playground... I can't wait for spring!!!

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              Shar Jackson's New Body...

              From Daily Stab...

              Shar Jackson told In Touch she spent $15,000 on a new body... she couldn't get rid of her stretch marks after popping out K-Fed's 1st two babies and her boobs were saggy... so she got some lypo and a lift.

              I'm not going to be mean and say it, but I'll repeat what Daily Stab said...

              "Sorry honey, but you’re going to need more than a breast lift and tummy tuck to look sexy. Have you looked in the mirror lately at that fugly face of yours?"

              I wonder if she thinks K-Fed's going to commit to her now that she's got a better body???


                Friday, April 6

                Sexy Lindsay Photo Shoot

                That's hot. Unfortunately she thinks that it's cool to leave her bra hanging out while walking down the street as well... see below!


                  Jessica & John in Australia

                  Jess & John just got back from their romantic getaway to Australia... actually, Jess is back, John stayed behind to finish up touring (be with groupies)...

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                    Goldie Hawn Goes Braless

                    Someone needs to start a website specifically for braless celebrities... Seriously, just because perky young celebrities go without bras doesn't mean old saggy ones can... I love Goldie, but she needs to hold those puppies up!!

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                      Mary Kate & Max at Basketball Game

                      She is such a freak. He looks like a fairly normal guy, and he appears to be quite a few years older than her, there's something perverse about this...

                      She looks like a scary witch-elf or something.

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                        Whitney Granted Custody of Bobbi Kristina

                        Whitney Houston was granted custody of her 14 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina. On Wednesday, a judge gave Whitney sole custody... and Whitney said she doesn't need child support from Bobby Brown... like he'd pay it anyway right??

                        Whitney also said he is unreliable when it comes to visits with Bobbi Kristina. Bobby Brown's lawyer says he is going to fight that decision.

                        Their divorce will be final on April 24.

                        PS: Crack is wack.

                        From Star Magazine

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                          Angelina's Brother Says Shiloh Named After Him

                          Angelina Jolie's Brother Haven says Shiloh was named after him. Apparently his name was supposed to be Shiloh but at the last minute they decided to name him Haven... Angelina wanted to honor her brother so she went to him and asked what he thought of them naming their baby Shiloh...

                          He said he was moved to tears. Awwww...

                          Then, Angelina made out with him.

                          No, just kidding... but they did have an icky thing going on didn't they?

                          From Star Magazine


                            Halle Berry Gets Her Star!

                            Halle Berry got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the other day. She looks hot! I like her hair like that!


                              Lindsay Lohan's Bra & Pistol

                              There's Lindsay out the other night showing off her bra!! I know showing a little bra is kind of in right now... but just having your shirt open like that with the whole thing falling out???? Not cute. What's up with the PISTOL necklace? Is she tough or something?


                                Denise Richards Shopping

                                I love it when they catch people making bad faces :)

                                There's Denise shopping like crazy...


                                  C-Fed Gets Arrested!

                                  K-Fed's younger brother Cameron Federline, age 20, was arrested for giving alcohol to minors at a party at his house last month. He pled guilty and started serving his 5 day jail sentence yesterday. He'll be released next week.

                                  I guess being a stupid tool runs in the Fed family!

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                                    Thursday, April 5

                                    Carmen Electra & Joan Jett?????

                                    OK don't give me a hard time because I know this is from a few weeks ago... but seriously??? There's this rumor that Carmen Electra went to a lesbian event with Joan Jett and admits she had a crush on her when she was a kid... So was it a date??

                                    Now Carmen's saying she would love to get it on with Scarlett Johanssen and Jessica Alba!! THREESOME!!!

                                    That's a sex tape I'd like to see...

                                    Story from Female First


                                      Hilary Duff GASP!!

                                      I would love to know what she's gasping at!


                                        Uma Thurman's Bad Bikini!!!

                                        More like Ewwww-ma! How about something a little more supportive?


                                          Mischa Barton's Short Shorts

                                          I can't figure out if I like this outfit or not. Apparently these are pictures of her leaving a HAIR SALON... Lord help me if I ever get famous and pay a gazillion dollars for a high class hair cut and leave the salon with my hair looking like that... in a ponytail!


                                            Kimberly Stewart Not Looking Ugly!

                                            For a change she actually looks attractive... I like that dress... maybe it's just the fact that you can't really see her face in this picture or something, but she seems to be improving.... or at least having a "good looking" day!


                                              Britney at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

                                              Is that a spill on her shirt??? What's up with the stain on her shirt??? Is she even wearing a bra under that thin white shirt?????

                                              She looks yucky!!!

                                              Apparently she was out celebrating Jamie Lynn's Sweet 16. I can't believe Jamie Lynn even wants to be seen with her looking like that!!


                                                Wednesday, April 4

                                                Sanjaya Fan Network

                                                Click here for the Sanjaya Fan Network message board... Sanjaya is the anti-Idol.

                                                It's funny because ever since I first laid eyes on him I thought "there's something super freaky about this guy!"

                                                They had to have chosen him for a reason... if it weren't for Sanjaya, would anyone actually be paying attention to American Idol?

                                                They had to find someone to "compete" with Heather Mills on the freak scale... The casting directors knew this was weird...

                                                The other contestents are pissssssssssseeedddd!!!!

                                                What do you think of Sanjaya?


                                                  Brian Bonsall Assaults Girlfriend

                                                  How did such a cute little kid turn into such a FREAK???? Brian Bonsall, who played little Andy Keaton on Family Ties, was arrested last week for assaulting his girlfriend... He apparently poured whiskey in her face!!!

                                                  This guy is CREEEEEPY!!!

                                                  Click here for more from TMZ!


                                                    Mandy Moore In a Cast

                                                    Mandy Moore injured her ankle doing a photoshoot for Self Magazine in Mexico. She was supposed to run and jump into the water and she fell... ouch!!!


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